Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flower Pedals Hunt
Starting April 10th

Deadline April 5th
Starting Point

Please add group at starting point:
Aubin x Chimo Group

Theme: floral, anything that has flowers or pedals.
cost of hunt item: 1L
Hunt Prim: Flower
Sponsoring fee: 300L

Sponsors get the first 11 spots on the list and group notices on hunt group!
direct link to there website or in world store on the hunt blog.

Please Fill out The following information on a note card and submit to Chimo Ruby in-world or e-mail info to

Name Note Card : FPH (name of your store) (your sl name)

Your Name:
Partner's Name:
Blog or Website Link:
Sponsoring hunt? : Yes or No ( $300 Fee)
Region Maturity:
Gift you are planning to make: