Flower Pedals Vendors

1. Aubin x Chimo

2. Something New
Hint : He is a Thorn between two Rose Buds

3. Image Reflections
Hint: "Needs regular watering"

4. Kre-ations Mainstore
Hint: I love cherry blossom, Kupò!

5.Chaos Fashion
Hint = Teddy is hidding the flower

6. AB.Fab Skins Mainstore

A Flower among the flowers... (inside shops)

7. Nevermore Designs - This shop will have 3 gifts!!!
Store7-FPH-Nevermore 1 ------- Nevermore Wingback Luxury Butterfly 5 pose chair

*HINT* For the item you are questing - Up up high it is nesting.

Store7-FPH-Nevermore 2 -------   Nevermore - Ballet slipper shoes blk/pink

* HINT* Badger badger badger - mushroom mushroom

Store7-FPH-Nevermore 3 ------  Nevermore Ladies Silky Pleasure Tunic Spring Pink

*HINT*  Whats up Doc        

8. AnTi-Social @ cStar Limited
Hint:  That's so Kawaii

9. 20. FIVE

10. Needful Things
here my Hint: I LOVE LACE <3

11. Brea's Closet
 Hint :: "I'm downstairs somewhere... hiding  *hehe*"


Look high and low
now where did that flower go?
where would you look for one?
with its coloured friends is where its gone.

13. Dragonsworm Mall

14. MICRO me!
Hint: "To hear the songbirds sing..."

15. Big Chris Custom bikes
Hint: The BBQ smells AWESOME!!!

16. Stitches Creations
17. GalaFashionDesign
hint: "My Heart in your hand"

18.  Zarconia Mainstore
Hint: The Lady wears flowers in her hair.

19. Icarus Television

Why would someone plant me up here?

20. Myrai Style
Hint: A flower for a gentleman thief ...

21.  Ro!Act Designs
HINT: Near the Snowdrops you will find me!

22. Lavanda Chic

I can not fly, but from here I can dominate these colorful birds!!

23. Duh!

24.  Fujiwara's World
Hint: "I'm a special version of this"

25. Urban Chic Designs

26.  Ceddy's Boutique
Hint: Through the door and up above, I am hidden next to her that shares her name with the planet of Love.

27. Texture Junction
28. WICKED DIVA Greenhouse Logo store

29. Stitches Creations

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